Why are Bryant Furnaces Expensive?

Bryant gas furnaces are more expensive than most and this post explains the reasons for that. Other expensive brands include Carrier, Trane, American Standard and Lennox. They are all expensive for much the same reasons.

Bryant Gas Furnace Quality is Outstanding

In the HVAC industry like most others, you get what you pay for. There are brands that focus on the top of the market, the middle of the market and the low end. Bryant makes gas furnaces for the upper end of the market, all with excellent quality and all backed by very good warranties. Bryant offers 3 series of gas furnaces: The top of the line Bryant Evolution System, the Bryant Preferred Series and the Bryant Legacy Line. All of them get very good ratings in their class. Bryant has one of the best service records in the industry, verifying that its quality is superior to most other brands.

Bryant Gas Furnaces Offer High Performance

The top of the line models are modulating and two-stage gas furnaces that produce superior climate control. The Bryant Evolution Plus 987m with 98.3% efficiency is a modulating gas furnace and one of the top-10 rated furnaces in the industry by consumers. It offers unsurpassed indoor comfort. The Bryant gas furnace lineup features many others with comfortable 2-stage heating.

High efficiency is found throughout the lineup. Gas furnaces that deliver 90% or higher efficiency are equipped with a secondary heat exchanger that captures more heat, and this makes them more expensive. Even the Bryant Legacy Line has 3 Energy Star rated furnaces with 92% efficiency or higher. You pay more for an efficient furnace, but in colder climates, the lower utility bills they produce pay you back very quickly.

Bryant Gas Furnaces Have a Great Reputation

Yes, you are paying something of a premium for the Bryant name plate. However, keep in mind that the reputation is supported by a very good product lineup that has a lot to offer. Here’s a look at that product lineup to give you an idea of its efficiency level and performance:

Bryant Evolution Gas Furnaces: The first one is modulating; all the others are 2-stage furnaces.   Evolution Plus 987m (98.3%), Evolution Plus 90i (96.6%), Evolution Plus 96t (96.5%), Evolution Plus 95s (95%), and Evolution Plus 80v (80%).

Bryant Preferred Gas Furnaces: Both two-stage and single-stage models make up the Preferred Series. They are the Preferred Plus 95i (95%), Preferred 95t (96.2%), Preferred 95s (96.2%), Preferred 95 (95%), Preferred Plus 90t (93%), Preferred Plus 90x (93%), and Preferred 80t (80%).

Bryant Legacy Gas Furnaces: These are more affordable, single-stage gas furnaces. Some have outstanding efficiency. The models are the Legacy Plus 90 (95.5%), Legacy 95 (95%), Legacy 90 (92%), Legacy Plus 80 (80%) and Legacy 80 (80%).

If you are looking for a top-quality gas furnace that will last you 20+ years, Bryant is a good place to start your search. They are more expensive than most, but they deliver more than most too.

Top 5 Rated Gas Furnaces

There are many outstanding gas furnaces, but these are the best. Here are the top 5 furnaces with the features that make them great.

1. Lennox Signature Series SLP98V Gas Furnace

This furnace slashes heating bills while making your home extremely comfortable. The key is the modulating gas valve with capacity from 40% to 100%. It runs very low most of the time to never waste energy heating your home beyond what the thermostat calls for. The long, gentle cycles in combination with the variable-speed blower create precise temperature control and balance throughout your home. With 98.7% efficiency, you might see a 30% drop in heating costs when this unit replaces on old gas furnace.

2. Carrier Infinity 98 Modulating Furnace with Greenspeed Intelligence

Carrier’s first modulating furnace is a winner. It offers 98.5% efficiency and can match the Lennox SLP98V in delivering precise comfort. Also known as the Carrier Infinity 59MN7 gas furnace, it is a bit more expensive than the Lennox. Consumers give it high marks for indoor comfort and quiet operation.  The Carrier Infinity controller is the highest-rated in the industry with touchscreen programming and Wi-Fi capability.

3. American Standard Platinum ZV Gas Furnace

This furnace offers an Energy Star qualified 95% efficiency through the use of 2 separate heat exchangers used to capture as much heat as possible. The modulating gas valve and the variable-speed blower team up to make any home very comfortable. Consumers love the Comfort-R feature that also helps lower humidity when an air conditioning cycle is running in warm months.

4. Heil QuietComfort VC 97 Gas Furnace

Heil has made significant upgrades to their lineup in the last few years and consumers have definitely noticed. This 97% efficient furnace delivers climate control that rivals the models rated above it, and it does it at a more affordable price. If you are in the market for a modulating furnace, this is one of the best deals you’ll find.

5. Ruud Ultra Series RGFG Gas Furnace

Perhaps Ruud got tired of being overlooked in favor of more recognized brands, but this furnace is grabbing attention. It delivers modulating heat along with a variable-speed blower to enhance temperature control, quiet performance, air filtration and humidity control in all seasons. The Energy Star 95% efficiency will help control utility bills and lower energy use throughout the heating seasons.

There are quite a few modulating furnaces on the market, but these are the best. They are also quite expensive. In cold climates, if you want the high efficiency at a lower price, check out 2-stage or even single-stage models in the 92% to 95% efficiency range from the same brands. In warm climates where high efficiency isn’t as important, see the quality 80% and 90% models from these top manufacturers.

Browse all of our gas furnace ratings articles to gather more information about the brands and models you are considering. They are a great source of information and allow you to compare models head to head.

AAA Rated Furnaces

What are the best gas furnaces currently available?  These 5 are the cream of the crop. If you’re looking for a very efficient, high-quality gas furnace, this list is a great place to start your search.

1. Trane Fully Modulating XC95m Gas Furnace

Trane is one of the highest-rated furnaces for quality and dependability. This furnace adds indoor comfort to the list of reasons to consider Trane’s best gas furnace. The modulating gas valve runs at lower capacity most of the time so that the cycles are longer and gentler. The air is also filtered more frequently. The variable-speed blower matches the performance of the gas valve to balance temperatures so that you won’t notice fluctuations during or between cycles. This is a pricey gas furnace, with costs ranging from $1,900-$3,000.

2. American Standard Platinum ZV Gas Furnace

This top model from AS has a modulating gas valve to go with Energy Star 95% efficiency. The result is a very comfortable home along with lower energy use and bills. American Standard’s service record is a top-5 in the industry too, making this a great long-term furnace choice. Gas furnace prices for this model are $2,100-$2,800.

3. Goodman GMVM96 Modulating Gas Furnace

Goodman specializes in making quality products for less and backing them with very good warranties. This is the brand’s top of the line. It offers precise climate control with a modulating burner that delivers just the right amount of heating required to balance temperatures throughout the home. It runs at capacity as low as 35% producing very quiet, very gentle heat. Here’s proof of the good value these furnaces represent – the cost is $1,600-$2,100 depending on the size you get.

4. Lennox Signature SLP98V Variable-Capacity

This is a remarkable gas furnace, with 98.2% energy efficiency. It’s very popular in the coldest climates and it is a favorite with enthusiasts of eco-friendly heating and cooling. The variable-speed blower enhances your indoor comfort in all seasons. You’ll pay more for this furnace, as you might expect. Depending on capacity, the gas furnace prices are $2,600-$3,500.

5. Luxaire LX TM9M Gas Furnace

Luxaire doesn’t have the reputation or name recognition that the heavyweights like Trane and Lennox do. But that doesn’t stop the company from turning out highly-rated products. This furnace is efficient at 97%. The modulating gas valve also makes it very comfortable. You’ll enjoy better climate control with the variable-speed blower whether it is heating or working with a central air conditioner to cool your home and remove humidity. Prices for this model are $2,400-$3,000.

When you replace an older gas furnace with one of these, you’ll first notice much better climate control. They will even out temperatures throughout your home, helping to eliminate hot and cold spots (which could be a ductwork issue too).

The second thing you’ll notices is heating bills that are much lower. If the furnace you’re replacing is 15-25 years old, it’s probably 65%-85% efficient, so do the math and see how much you’ll save!

See our gas furnace ratings for more details on many of these models. They’re a great way to compare models head to head.