#1 Overall Rated Furnace Brand

There are many excellent furnace brands, but the top rated gas furnace brand of them all is Lennox. In this overview of the Lennox gas furnace lineup, we’ll point out why it is the top rated gas furnace brand.

The Lennox Gas Furnace Collection

One thing Lennox has going for it is that it covers the bases very well. There are furnaces for those who want very high efficiency and those who want a standard model for a warm climate or for the lower cost. Lennox makes furnaces to meet all climate control requirements including modulating, 2-stage and single-stage models.

Dave Lennox Signature Series Gas Furnaces: The 2 stars of this lineup are modulating gas furnaces, the Lennox SLP98V gas furnace that delivers 98.7% efficiency and the Lennox SL280V gas furnace. With modulating gas valves delivering precise amounts of heat, your indoor temperature will remain balanced, with no noticeable swings. This also helps eliminate hot/cold zones because the cycles run long, with gentle heating that allows every zone in your home to heat equally.

Lennox Elite Series Gas Furnaces: These models offer a good mix of 2-stage and single-stage models and all efficiency levels. Four of them are Energy Star rated with 95% efficiency. The Lennox Elite G61 gas furnace is a 2-stage, 95% furnace with a variable-speed blower. It’s a model that could be the top of the line from many other brands.

Lennox Merit Series Gas Furnaces: These are affordable single-stage gas furnaces, with 2 Energy Star choices that show Lennox’s commitment to high efficiency throughout its lineup.

Energy Efficiency in Lennox Gas Furnaces

From top to bottom, Lennox is the most energy-efficient collection of gas furnaces on the market. The company has further demonstrated its efforts to lower energy use by developing the SunSource solar modules that can be used to provide electricity to power your entire heating and cooling system. Lennox is responding to a demand for high efficiency and more environmentally-friendly heating and cooling.

Lennox Gas Furnace Durability

Lennox has one of the top service records in the industry. They demonstrate very good reliability and require fewer repairs than most. Other brands with very good service records include Trane, American Standard, Carrier, Bryant and Rheem.

Lennox Gas Furnace Ratings

Take a few minutes to browse all of our gas furnace ratings posts. You’ll find quite a few for Lennox gas furnace models and we are adding new ratings posts on a regular basis. The ratings are a great way to compare brands and models you might be considering.

If you’re looking for the top-rated gas furnaces in the industry, your search should start with Lennox!

Lennox Gas Furnace Ratings

Lennox furnaces offer high quality and great performance, but at higher than average prices. The Dave Lennox Signature Series is on par with Carrier Infinity, American Standard Platinum and Trane XC furnaces for quality and reliability.

This Lennox gas furnace buying guide will help you decide if Lennox is the right brand for your home. See our Lennox gas furnace ratings posts for more detail on many of these models.

Overview of Lennox Gas Furnace Models

Lennox, like most of the top brands, makes 3 distinct series. Here’s a look at each one and what it offers.

Dave Lennox Signature Series Gas Furnaces: These furnaces are built for home comfort and durability. The Lennox SLP98V is a modulating furnace. This means that the gas valve runs at variable capacity between 40% and 100% to deliver precise heat levels to keep temperature in your home from noticeable fluctuations.

In comparison, single-stage furnaces run at 100% capacity all the time. Two-stage furnaces run on low capacity, or about 65% capacity, most of the time and 100% capacity when a boost in heat is required. The Lennox SLP98V has an efficiency rating of 98.2%, one of the best available.

The other Lennox Signature Series gas furnace is an 80% efficient model that offers 2-stage heating. It’s the Lennox SL280V, and it is a great choice in warm climates when excellent climate control is important.

Lennox Elite Gas Furnaces: The second-best line of furnaces from Lennox offers efficiency and performance options. The 2-stage models are the Elite G61V (95%), the G61 (95%) and the Elite G60 (80%). The single-stage Lennox Elite furnaces are the Elite EL195E (95%), the Elite EL195 (95%) and the Elite G50 (80%).

Lennox Merit Gas Furnaces: This is the most affordable line from Lennox. Merit Series furnaces are chosen when saving money on the equipment is the highest priority. They are popular in mild climates and part-time use installations where the furnace doesn’t have to be a work horse. The options include the Energy Star rated Merit ML195 (95%) and the Merit ML193 (93%), along with the standard-efficiency ML180E (80%) and the ML180 (80%).

Pros and Cons of Lennox Gas Furnaces

Lennox offers options for the complete spectrum of consumers.  If you want a high-performance, very efficient furnace, Lennox has it. If you want  a basic furnace with decent quality, Lennox has that too. In between, the Lennox lineup has a range of furnaces with the efficiency and performance you want.

As with all of the best brands in the industry, the top line features higher prices than most. You’ll pay a premium for the higher quality and also something for the reputation of the brand. However, since Lennox has one of the best service records in the industry, you can be confident you’re choosing a brand that offers outstanding reliability and longevity.


If you want the best furnace on the market, check out the Lennox Signature Series. For the right combination of quality and price, see the Elite Series which are top sellers and the Merit Series. For details on many of the models, take a look at our gas furnace ratings.

Whichever furnace you choose, be sure to get multiple estimates to find the lowest prices in your area. Along with low prices, choose a qualified contractor that you believe will do the job right the first time. Select a furnace company with crews that are well-trained and experienced. The quality of the installation can affect the performance and durability of the furnace.

Lennox is one of the industry’s premier brands. It has a range of furnaces to meet any need. Take time to read ratings and review posts to find the furnace that fits your purposes.

AAA Rated Furnaces

What are the best gas furnaces currently available?  These 5 are the cream of the crop. If you’re looking for a very efficient, high-quality gas furnace, this list is a great place to start your search.

1. Trane Fully Modulating XC95m Gas Furnace

Trane is one of the highest-rated furnaces for quality and dependability. This furnace adds indoor comfort to the list of reasons to consider Trane’s best gas furnace. The modulating gas valve runs at lower capacity most of the time so that the cycles are longer and gentler. The air is also filtered more frequently. The variable-speed blower matches the performance of the gas valve to balance temperatures so that you won’t notice fluctuations during or between cycles. This is a pricey gas furnace, with costs ranging from $1,900-$3,000.

2. American Standard Platinum ZV Gas Furnace

This top model from AS has a modulating gas valve to go with Energy Star 95% efficiency. The result is a very comfortable home along with lower energy use and bills. American Standard’s service record is a top-5 in the industry too, making this a great long-term furnace choice. Gas furnace prices for this model are $2,100-$2,800.

3. Goodman GMVM96 Modulating Gas Furnace

Goodman specializes in making quality products for less and backing them with very good warranties. This is the brand’s top of the line. It offers precise climate control with a modulating burner that delivers just the right amount of heating required to balance temperatures throughout the home. It runs at capacity as low as 35% producing very quiet, very gentle heat. Here’s proof of the good value these furnaces represent – the cost is $1,600-$2,100 depending on the size you get.

4. Lennox Signature SLP98V Variable-Capacity

This is a remarkable gas furnace, with 98.2% energy efficiency. It’s very popular in the coldest climates and it is a favorite with enthusiasts of eco-friendly heating and cooling. The variable-speed blower enhances your indoor comfort in all seasons. You’ll pay more for this furnace, as you might expect. Depending on capacity, the gas furnace prices are $2,600-$3,500.

5. Luxaire LX TM9M Gas Furnace

Luxaire doesn’t have the reputation or name recognition that the heavyweights like Trane and Lennox do. But that doesn’t stop the company from turning out highly-rated products. This furnace is efficient at 97%. The modulating gas valve also makes it very comfortable. You’ll enjoy better climate control with the variable-speed blower whether it is heating or working with a central air conditioner to cool your home and remove humidity. Prices for this model are $2,400-$3,000.

When you replace an older gas furnace with one of these, you’ll first notice much better climate control. They will even out temperatures throughout your home, helping to eliminate hot and cold spots (which could be a ductwork issue too).

The second thing you’ll notices is heating bills that are much lower. If the furnace you’re replacing is 15-25 years old, it’s probably 65%-85% efficient, so do the math and see how much you’ll save!

See our gas furnace ratings for more details on many of these models. They’re a great way to compare models head to head.

Lennox Merit Series ML193 Gas Furnace Rating

The Lennox Merit Series ML193 gas furnace is an affordable, Energy Star gas furnace that will help most homeowners lower heating bills. It’s affordable because it features standard operation, a single-stage burner and no variable-speed fan. This furnace is popular with homeowners who want to control energy bills and are comfortable with basic on/off heating.  If you prefer superior climate control, take a look at Lennox high-efficiency furnaces with a 2-stage burner and variable speed blower—models like the Elite Series G61V.

The purpose of this Lennox Merit Series ML193 gas furnace rating is to help you evaluate this furnace and decide if it’s what you’re looking for.  We hit all the important areas, providing information you can use to compare the ML193 with other models we cover in our gas furnace ratings.

Energy Efficiency Rating (3/5)

This is an Energy Star rated furnace, but since Lennox makes models as efficient as 98%, this one gets a 3 star rating.  Keep in mind you’ll pay quite a bit less for this one than the 98% Lennox Signature SLP98V.  Depending on how cold your climate is and how long you plan to own the home, the Lennox Merit ML193 might be more cost-effective for you. Look for 25% to 35% lower heating bills when this model replaces an older gas furnace.

Performance Features Rating (2/5)

With single-stage, single-speed heat operation, the rating here isn’t high.  It is a dual fuel furnace that works well with a compatible heat pump.  A heat pump with a 9.0 HSPF or higher will be cheaper to operate than this furnace.  Those who choose a dual fuel system heat with the heat pump until temperatures fall into the 30s and then heat with the gas furnace, since heat pumps don’t work well in very cold weather.  The result is the lowest heating bills possible.

User Rating (5/5)

While this is not a top of the line furnace, Lennox as a whole does very well in consumer-generated ratings.  The brand offers excellent quality and durability with one of the best service records in the industry.  The Lennox Merit ML193 should last 15-20 years, and possibly longer, with proper maintenance.  The warranty is 20 years on the heat exchanger and 5 years on parts, about average for gas furnaces in this class.

Overall Rating (3/5)

The key to the overall performance of this furnace is its ability to lower your utility bills.  This is a result of its high efficiency and its dual fuel capabilities.  If your primary goal is to lower heating costs with the most affordable high-efficiency furnace you can find, the Lennox Merit Series ML193 furnace should be on your short list to consider.

Lennox Elite Series G50 Gas Furnace Rating

The Elite Series G50 furnace from Lennox is part of their second-best series.  It is designed to be a low-cost alternative to the 2-stage Lennox Elite G60.  The Elite G50 is a single-stage furnace with 80% efficiency, providing basic heating for any home.  It’s a popular choice for those in warmer climates who don’t need higher efficiency and who would prefer lower equipment costs to the enhanced comfort of a 2-stage model. Our Lennox Elite Series G50 gas furnace rating will help you decide if this is a furnace that may meet your needs.

Energy Efficiency Rating (1/5)

An 80% efficient furnace is currently the least efficient furnace available.  The Lennox Elite G50 is not a good choice where winters are cold.  It will produce high utility bills.  The furnace cost less than more efficient models, and it can be a good economic choice in a warm climate where the furnace isn’t heavily used.  It can help lower energy bills in warmer climates when paired with a heat pump.  This low cost of this furnace also makes it an attractive choice for workshops, cottages and vacation homes where it is only used part-time. Homeowners who plan to move in less than 5 years also choose this furnace because of its affordability.

Performance Features Rating (2/5)

The Elite Series G50 gas furnace offers basic on/off performance with its single-stage operation.  There’s nothing fancy, and it has a lower price to show for it. It does have a continuous low-speed fan option that improves air circulation and filtration year round.  In the summer, when a central air conditioner is running, it will get rid of more humidity, improving your home’s comfort.

In addition, this is a dual fuel furnace, meaning it can be included with a heat pump in a split system.  A heat pump with at least 8.5 HSPF will cost less to operate than this furnace.  Since heat pumps don’t work in temperatures below freezing, the furnace can be used in the coldest weather.

User Rating (5/5)

Lennox has an outstanding customer satisfaction level and the gas furnace ratings for the reliability of the Elite Series G50 are very good.  The heat exchanger has a lifetime limited warranty; the rest of the covered parts have a 5-year limited warranty.  That’s about average for furnaces in this one’s class.  With proper maintenance, this furnace should provide you with 15 years or more of durable service.

Overall Rating (2.5/5)

This is an inexpensive furnace with better than average quality.  It produces good value for those who want basic, affordable heating. The Lennox Elite Series G50 gas furnace is a good choice for basic heating where low cost is more important than precise indoor comfort control.

Lennox Elite Series G60 Gas Furnace Rating

The Elite Series G60 gas furnace is part of Lennox’s second best series and is an 80% gas furnace.  It is a 2-stage furnace that is a good choice for those in warmer climates who want superior indoor comfort. Where winter temperatures aren’t extreme, an 80% efficient furnace might be a more cost-effective choice, especially if you don’t plan to be in the house long-term.  While many 80% models are single-stage furnaces, this one has 2 stages to produce better temperature balance in your home. This Lennox Elite Series G60 gas furnace rating provides you with information you can use to compare this furnace with others we review in our gas furnace ratings.  Check back often because we consistently add new reviews to our growing library.

Energy Efficiency Rating (1/5)

This furnace isn’t rated high in efficiency because it’s only 80%.  However, it’s designed to be a lower-priced alternative to the Lennox G61, a 95% furnace, for those who live in warmer climates. It may also make sense if you are looking for a short-term furnace because you plan to move or a part-time furnace for a cabin, vacation home or workshop. Keep this in mind as you consider the overall rating for this model.

Performance Features Rating (3/5)

The chief feature this furnace offers is a 2-stage gas valve that runs on low capacity most of the time.  Low capacity, which is about 65% of maximum, will produce longer heating cycles than full capacity.  These longer cycles do a better job of gradually heating your home and preventing temperature fluctuations from one room to the next.  It’s the key feature in optimizing indoor comfort.  The 2-stage operation would do an even better job if this furnace had a variable-speed blower.  Since it doesn’t, it gets just a 3 star rating here.

A second feature worth mentioning is the fact that this is a dual fuel furnace. That means it can be paired with a heat pump in a split system.  Heat pumps cost less to operate than a gas furnace, but they aren’t effect in freezing weather.  A dual fuel system that uses the heat pump in chilly weather and the furnace in freezing weather produces the lowest utility bills possible throughout the heating season.

User Rating (5/5)

Lennox is an industry leader in quality and durability.  Consumers rate this furnace very high for its reliability as well as the comfort level it provides.

Overall Rating (3/5)

Keep in mind that this rating would be higher if the furnace were more efficient.  If you want a top-quality furnace with good features, but would rather spend less by choosing an 80% furnace, this one should be considered, especially in moderate and warm climates.

Lennox Elite Series G61 Gas Furnace Rating

The Elite Series G61 gas furnace is part of Lennox’s second best line of gas furnaces.  This is a 2-stage furnace that offers an Energy Star qualified 95% AFUE, a good choice for climates where winters get very cold, or for homeowners who want a green furnace that will help them reduce carbon emissions.  It contains other features like continuous low fan that increases the comfort in any home throughout the year.  This Lennox Elite Series G61 rating post evaluates this furnace in all the essential areas.  You’ll get the information you need to decide if this is a furnace you want to learn more about.

Energy Efficiency Rating (4/5)

With a 95% efficiency rating, this Energy Star furnace will help reduce heating costs in most homes by up to 30% when replacing an older gas furnace.  That level of efficiency is a cost-effective choice for cooler climates where efficiency is essential.  In warm climates, the extra cost of this high-efficiency model versus an 80% furnace might not be worth it, unless your purpose is to choose a furnace that is environmentally friendlier.

Performance Features Rating (4/5)

There are several features worth noting in this furnace.  The first is the 2-stage gas valve which runs at low capacity 80% of the time. This produces longer heating cycles which increase home comfort.  Longer, lower-capacity cycles produce gentler heating and better temperature balance in your home.  You won’t feel blasts of unheated air when the furnace comes on and the low capacity operation – which is about 65% capacity – is also quieter.

Secondly, the low-continuous fan mode can be switched on to improve air filtration year round.  This is especially helpful if you’re using an advanced air filter or filtration system.  During air conditioning, if the continuous fan mode is on, the air will continue to circulate between cooling cycles, moving air over the cold coil and removing more humidity from your home.  Lower humidity improves indoor comfort in summer.

Finally, the Lennox Elite Series G61 furnace is dual fuel capable.  This means it will work in the same system as a compatible Lennox heat pump.  In cool weather, a heat pump of at least 16 SEER will likely cost less to operate than this furnace.  However, since a heat pump won’t work in very cold weather, a gas furnace is required in colder climates.

User Rating (5/5)

Lennox has a very good service record within the industry. This furnace gets good reviews in consumer-generated furnace ratings. If there’s a concern about the Lennox Elite G61 it is that the parts warranty is only 5 years, though the heat exchanger comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Keep that fact in mind when comparing this model with others we review in our gas furnace ratings.

Overall Rating (4.5/5)

This is an quality furnace, and it’s not even Lennox’s best.  The Dave Lennox Signature Series furnaces have modulating gas valves that create the most comfortable climate possible, but they cost quite a bit more.  The features of this model show the company’s commitment to innovation and home comfort.  If you are looking for an outstanding furnace but don’t want to pay top of the line prices, the Lennox Elite Series G61 gas furnace is definitely worth a close look.

Lennox Elite Series G51 Gas Furnace Rating

The Lennox Elite G51 furnace is part of the second-best line from this quality manufacturer, right behind the Dave Lennox Signature Series.  It is well-built and offers 92.1% efficiency, a good choice for mild and cool climates where reducing energy use and costs is important. This model is also dual fuel compatible which means it can be installed along with a heat pump to provide heating options. Where this is done, the heat pump is often used until temperatures drop into the low-40’s where the system is programmed to switch to the furnace.

This is a single-stage furnace with a multi-speed blower.  It is a good value when compared with Lennox 2-stage and modulating gas furnaces with variable-speed blowers.  If you want to save money on equipment and don’t require high-performance climate control, this furnace is one to consider.  Our Lennox Elite Series G51 gas furnace rating post will look at all the key areas you’ll want to know about.  You can use the information to compare this model with others we cover in our series of gas furnace ratings.

Performance Features Rating: (3/5)

The Elite G51 from Lennox is a single-stage furnace with the addition of a multi-speed fan that isn’t quite as good as a variable-speed model.  It offers a continuous low speed mode that helps clear humidity from your home when the furnace is acting as the air handler for an included central air conditioner.  The upside is that it costs significantly less than Lennox models with higher performance and it still offers very high efficiency.  This is a dual fuel model that can be paired with either a central air conditioner or a heat pump.  Models are available from 45,000 Btu to 135,000 Btu.

Energy Efficiency Rating: (3/5)

The Lennox Elite G51 offers 92.1% efficiency, high enough to be Energy Star qualified.  However, if you are committed to the greenest technology possible, there are more efficient models available from Lennox and other brands.  If you are looking for the right efficiency level for your use, this is a good furnace for moderate to cool climates.  You’ll pay less for the furnace than you will for more efficient Lennox models; you’ll pay less in energy bills than you would with an 80% efficient furnace.  The opposites are true too, so choose this model if the balance of equipment cost and energy costs makes sense for your home.

User Rating: (5/5)

As a brand, Lennox has one of the top service records in the industry and consumers rate their furnaces very high.  This furnace isn’t of the very highest quality, but it’s close, including the long-lasting DuroLak Plus heat exchanger.  With regular maintenance, this can be a 15 to 20-year furnace with excellent dependability through the years.

Overall Rating: (3.5/5)

This isn’t the best choice for every homeowner, but might be ideal for you.  If you want good efficiency and performance but don’t want to pay the higher price for very high efficiency and top of the line performance, you’ll save money with the Lennox Elite Series G51 gas furnace, have a comfortable home, and keep energy costs reasonably low.

What are the Differences in Lennox Gas Furnaces?

Like all the top brands, Lennox offers several gas furnaces lines to meet the demands of the entire market.  The Dave Lennox Signature Collection is the best, followed by the Lennox Elite and Lennox Merit series. In this article, we explore the differences in Lennox gas furnaces so you can decide which one is right for your home.

Dave Lennox Signature Series Gas Furnaces

There are 2 models in this line.  For those in cool climates or fans of green technology, the Lennox Signature Series SLP98V is 98.2% efficient, one of the highest ratings on the market.  For warmer climates, the Dave Lennox Signature SL280V is an 80% efficient furnace.  Both offer staged heating for optimal indoor comfort.  The Lennox SLP98V does it with a modulating gas valve. Sensors constantly monitor indoor temperature and modulate the heat produced by the burner to maintain precisely even indoor temperatures.  The Lennox Signature Series SL280V has a 2-stage gas valve that runs on low capacity most of the time.  Both models have longer run cycles that produce gentle heat to eliminate warm and cold spots in the home.  Both models also have variable-speed fans to enhance their ability to create a comfortable indoor climate with better air filtration and humidity control.  These furnaces will boost the SEER rating of a central air conditioner included in the split system.

Lennox Elite Series Gas Furnaces

Lennox makes 6 Elite Series gas furnaces in 2 different efficiency levels.  The 95% efficient furnaces are these: The Lennox Elite G61V with 2-stage heating and a variable-speed fan. The Lennox Elite G61 with 2-stage heating and a single-speed fan. The Lennox Elite EL195E with an energy-efficient blower motor and the Elite EL195 with single-stage heating and single-speed fans.  These models rate as high as Signature Series models in many gas furnace ratings.

The 80% AFUE models are the Lennox Elite G60 which is a 2-stage, variable-speed furnace and the Lennox Elite G50, an affordable single-stage, single-speed model.  With 80%, AFUE they are less expensive and are a good choice where the heating season is shorter. The difference in performance gives you the option of increased comfort (Elite G60) or greater cost savings (Elite G50).

Lennox Merit Series Gas Furnaces

All Lennox Merit furnaces are all single-stage, single-speed models and are the most affordable from Lennox.  They come in different efficiencies to meet your needs.  They are the Lennox Merit ML195 (95%), the Merit ML193 (93%) and the ML180 (80%) and the ML180E (80%) with a more energy-efficient ECM blower.

Warranty Information

The Lennox Signature Series furnaces are backed by a 10-year parts limited warranty.  Elite Series and Merit Series furnaces offer 5-year parts limited warranties.  All Lennox furnaces have a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty.


As you can see, there is quite a diversity of models in terms of efficiency and performance.  That diversity leads to a corresponding range of prices. Those with 95% efficiency and higher are Energy Star qualified furnaces. Whatever efficiency and performance needs you have, there is a Lennox furnace to match.  Here is an overview of all the Lennox gas furnaces and their efficiency levels in parentheses:

Dave Lennox Signature Series: Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V (98.2%), Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL280V (80%).

Lennox Elite Series: Lennox Elite G61V (95%), Lennox Elite G61 (95%), Lennox Elite EL195E (95%), Lennox Elite EL195 (95%), Lennox G60 (80%) and Lennox G50 (80%).

Lennox Merit Series: Lennox Merit ML195 (95%), Merit ML193 (93%), Lennox ML180 E (80%) and Lennox ML180 (80%).

Lennox Elite Series G61V High-Efficiency Gas Furnace Rating

Lennox is a premium furnace manufacturer and their Lennox Elite Series G61V furnace is part of their second-best line, right behind the Lennox Signature Series furnace.  It is offered at a lower price point than Signature models but is equipped with 2-stage operation and a variable-speed blower that are the key to outstanding performance.  This is an Energy Star-qualified furnace and also one that offers dual fuel operation.  For value and indoor comfort, the Lennox Elite Series G61V High-Efficiency Gas Furnace rating reviews are very high.  We’ll look at why that’s true as we discuss efficiency, features and consumer ratings for the Lennox Elite G61V.

Energy Efficiency Rating: (5/5)

This Energy Star furnace offers 95% AFUE and will help you keep heating costs under control.  It is a popular furnace in cooler climates and sells well to consumers who choose high efficiency as a way to limit their greenhouse gas emissions.  When paired with a heat pump instead of a standard central air conditioner, you’ve got the opportunity to choose electric heat or gas heat when the temperature is above freezing.  This may produce additional energy savings where electrical energy is cheap.  The 95% AFUE is better than average for all gas furnaces.

Performance Features Rating: (4/5)

Lennox-gas-furnace-rating-picThe 2-stage gas valve and variable-speed blower give you precise control over temperature whether heating or cooling.  Since the system runs on low most of the time, it runs longer during each cycle.  This is easier on the equipment and it also produces more balanced temperatures throughout your home.  Running longer also means it filters more air per cycle and reduces humidity when the air conditioning is running.  Add a humidifier to the system and you have a more comfortable climate in every season.

In addition to the dual fuel capacity, the Lennox Elite Series G61V furnace is equipped with 2 durable heat exchangers to get the most heat from your energy dollar.  The cabinet is fully insulated as well, to reduce heat loss and noise.

User Rating: (5/5)

Lennox customer satisfaction ratings are among the highest in the industry.  Homeowners appreciate the lower energy bills and the improved indoor comfort they enjoy with this Lennox gas furnace.  The service record is outstanding, with fewer repairs reported than most brands.

Overall Rating: (4.5/5)

Just a short step back from Lennox’s best, the Lennox Elite Series G61V High-Efficiency gas furnace also costs less and that is why many consumers choose it over the Signature Series.  The performance is nearly equal and it offers better value.  If that is a combination you are looking for, put Lennox G61V on your list of top choices to consider.