Why are Bryant Furnaces Expensive?

Bryant gas furnaces are more expensive than most and this post explains the reasons for that. Other expensive brands include Carrier, Trane, American Standard and Lennox. They are all expensive for much the same reasons.

Bryant Gas Furnace Quality is Outstanding

In the HVAC industry like most others, you get what you pay for. There are brands that focus on the top of the market, the middle of the market and the low end. Bryant makes gas furnaces for the upper end of the market, all with excellent quality and all backed by very good warranties. Bryant offers 3 series of gas furnaces: The top of the line Bryant Evolution System, the Bryant Preferred Series and the Bryant Legacy Line. All of them get very good ratings in their class. Bryant has one of the best service records in the industry, verifying that its quality is superior to most other brands.

Bryant Gas Furnaces Offer High Performance

The top of the line models are modulating and two-stage gas furnaces that produce superior climate control. The Bryant Evolution Plus 987m with 98.3% efficiency is a modulating gas furnace and one of the top-10 rated furnaces in the industry by consumers. It offers unsurpassed indoor comfort. The Bryant gas furnace lineup features many others with comfortable 2-stage heating.

High efficiency is found throughout the lineup. Gas furnaces that deliver 90% or higher efficiency are equipped with a secondary heat exchanger that captures more heat, and this makes them more expensive. Even the Bryant Legacy Line has 3 Energy Star rated furnaces with 92% efficiency or higher. You pay more for an efficient furnace, but in colder climates, the lower utility bills they produce pay you back very quickly.

Bryant Gas Furnaces Have a Great Reputation

Yes, you are paying something of a premium for the Bryant name plate. However, keep in mind that the reputation is supported by a very good product lineup that has a lot to offer. Here’s a look at that product lineup to give you an idea of its efficiency level and performance:

Bryant Evolution Gas Furnaces: The first one is modulating; all the others are 2-stage furnaces.   Evolution Plus 987m (98.3%), Evolution Plus 90i (96.6%), Evolution Plus 96t (96.5%), Evolution Plus 95s (95%), and Evolution Plus 80v (80%).

Bryant Preferred Gas Furnaces: Both two-stage and single-stage models make up the Preferred Series. They are the Preferred Plus 95i (95%), Preferred 95t (96.2%), Preferred 95s (96.2%), Preferred 95 (95%), Preferred Plus 90t (93%), Preferred Plus 90x (93%), and Preferred 80t (80%).

Bryant Legacy Gas Furnaces: These are more affordable, single-stage gas furnaces. Some have outstanding efficiency. The models are the Legacy Plus 90 (95.5%), Legacy 95 (95%), Legacy 90 (92%), Legacy Plus 80 (80%) and Legacy 80 (80%).

If you are looking for a top-quality gas furnace that will last you 20+ years, Bryant is a good place to start your search. They are more expensive than most, but they deliver more than most too.

Bryant Gas Furnace Ratings

Bryant has become one of the highest-rated and best-selling furnace brands in the industry. It is a sister brand of Carrier and the product lineup is nearly identical, though with different names. The collection of furnaces is marked by quality, innovation and performance.

This Bryant gas furnace guide introduces you to what’s available from Bryant. For more details, see our gas furnace ratings of many Bryant models.

Overview of Bryant Gas Furnace Models

Like most major furnace manufacturers, Bryant makes 3 different series to give consumers options for efficiency, performance and price. Here are your choices.

Bryant Evolution System Gas Furnaces: These furnaces go head to head and hold their own with Carrier Infinity, Trane XC , American Standard Platinum, Lennox Signature and Rheem Prestige.

The top of the line Bryant 987M gas furnace is the first modulating furnace from Bryant and delivers superior climate control. All other Bryant Evolution furnaces are 2-stage models that do a good job balancing temperatures. They have variable-speed fans that run quietly while evenly distributing the heated air. In summer, the variable-speed performance helps cool the home and remove humidity when used with a central air conditioner.

Efficiency ranges from 80% to an impressive 98.3%. Here are the available models:  Evolution Plus 987m (98.3%), Evolution Plus 90i (96.6%), Evolution Plus 96t (96.5%), Evolution Plus 95s (95%), and the Evolution Plus 80v (80%). 

Bryant Preferred Series Gas Furnaces: There are more options here in terms of performance. Single-stage and 2-stage models are made, with a variety of blower choices. Standard efficiency and high-efficiency Energy Star models are offered. The Preferred Series models are the Preferred Plus 95i (95%), Preferred 95t (96.2%), Preferred 95s (96.2%), Preferred 95 (95%), Preferred Plus 90t (93%), Preferred Plus 90x (93%), and the Preferred 80t (80%).

Bryant Legacy Series Gas Furnaces: These are single-stage furnaces in a range of efficiency levels, including a few that meet Energy Star requirements. This affordable series includes the Legacy Plus 90 (95.5%), Legacy 95 (95%), Legacy 90 (92%), Legacy Plus 80 (80%) and the Legacy 80 (80%). 

Pros and Cons of Bryant Gas Furnaces

The addition of a modulating model is a big plus for this lineup. It will compete with furnaces like the Rheem RGLE and Rheem RGPE, the Lennox SLP98V, the Carrier Infinity ICS Modulating 58MVC , the Maytag PGC2MQ iQ Drive and the American Standard Platinum ZV.

Bryant gas furnaces come in enough different models to let you match one to your climate, budget and desire for climate control.

One concern is that Bryant furnaces are slightly more expensive, on average, than most brands.

On the positive side, the higher costs are mainly caused by the higher quality of the furnaces. Bryant furnaces are durable and very reliable.


Learn more about Bryant’s impressive gas furnace lineup by reading individual Bryant gas furnace ratings on our site. You’ll get complete details on features as well as gas furnace prices that make it easy compare models head to head.

Bryant Evolution Series 95s Gas Furnace Rating

The Evolution line is Bryant’s best, and the Bryant Evolution Series 95s gas furnace is the most efficient model in the Evolution line.  With 95% efficient, it will help you keep heating costs under control, especially in cool climates.  The modulating gas valve and variable-speed blower virtually eliminate noticeable temperature fluctuation providing precise humidity control and superior air filtration as well.  These high-performance features raise the price of this furnace beyond what some consumers will want to pay.  It’s a top of the line model at top of the line costs, but popular with those who want maximum indoor comfort.

Energy Efficiency Rating: (5/5)

With 95% efficiency, the Bryant Evolution 95s is much more efficient than the industry average and is Energy Star qualified.  This makes it a good choice for consumers who want to reduce their energy consumption in order to save money on their utility bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or both.  In cooler climates, the extra investment in a high-efficiency model will be paid back in 3-5 years through lower energy bills.  In warm climates, a less efficient — and less expensive — furnace will be a more economical choice.

Performance Features Rating: (5/5)

bryant-gas-furnace-rating-picThe Bryant Evolution Series 95s gas furnace rating here is 5 stars because this is one of the top-performing gas furnaces in the industry.  A long list of features set this unit apart from the crowd.  The modulating gas valve/burner combination, which Bryant calls the PerfectSense system, is one of only  a few of its kind offered in the market. The Fan On Plus control allows continuous fan operation even when not heating, a feature which leads to better ventilation and indoor air quality.  PerfectHumidity technology provides for more precise humidity control when cooling or when the furnace is equipped with a humidifier.  The aluminized steel primary heat exchanger and the Serpentuff secondary heat exchanger are backed by a lifetime limited warranty.  A 10-year parts limited warranty covers everything else on the Bryant 95s.

User Rating: (4/5)

Except for the higher price of this unit, consumers rate it very high.  It is efficient, durable and makes the home environment very comfortable.  Bryant has a very good reputation for reliability in general, and the Bryant Evolution 95s enhances the reputation with quality components and dependability.

Overall Rating: (4.5/5)

The Bryant Evolution Series 95s gas furnace promises a lot and delivers on all counts.  If you are willing to pay more to have one of the best gas furnaces on the market, give this one a close look.  It isn’t quite as expensive as the Carrier Infinity, and when you combine it with the Evolution Controller, some consider the performance equal to or superior to that of the Infinity.  When performance counts, put the Bryant Evolution 95s on your short list of top furnaces to consider.