Goodman Multi-Position, Variable Speed, 95% AFUE — GMVC95 Gas Furnace Rating

Goodman products like the Goodman Variable Speed, 95% AFUE — GMVC95 gas furnace have a reputation for affordability, reliability and a fantastic warranty.  While Goodman doesn’t have as high a reputation as Carrier, Trane, Lennox or other top brands, that perception is changing due to the performance of models like the GMVC95.  It is an Energy Star product with 95% efficiency, offers 2-stage heating and a variable-speed blower fan for superior indoor comfort, and is backed by what might be the best warranty in the business.  Our purpose here is to give you an overview of the Goodman Multi-Position, Variable Speed, 95% AFUE — GMVC95 gas furnace rating in several key categories so that you can compare this model to other gas furnace ratings reviews on our site.

Energy Efficiency Rating: (4/5)

This is a 95% efficient furnace which gets 4 stars in our system.  Keep in mind, however, that the level of efficiency you choose has a lot to do with your climate.  You pay more for higher efficiency furnaces but get lower energy bills.  If you live in a warm climate and don’t use the furnace a great deal, it may take many years of lower energy bills to pay yourself back for the extra cost of a 95% efficient furnace versus the cost of an 80% efficient furnace.  In a cool climate, a high-efficiency model like this makes very good sense.  Your payback period where the heating season is longer will be just a few years.

Performance Features Rating: (4/5)

This is a high-performance model that includes ComfortNet communicating technology to coordinate the furnace with an included air conditioner or heat pump to achieve maximum efficiency and climate control.  The 2-stage heating and variable-speed fan create balanced temperatures and better control over humidity.  Heating cycles are quieter and run longer, reducing temperature fluctuations while increasing air filtration.  Add an advanced air filter or electronic air filtration device for even better indoor air quality.  The longer cycles also remove more humidity from the air when the HVAC system is in air conditioning mode and adds more humidity in heating mode when a built-in humidifier is present.  The Goodman Multi-Position GMVC95 furnace is an upflow/horizontal model. The warranty on this model is one of the best there is: if the heat exchanger fails in the first 10 years, Goodman will replace the entire furnace.  Otherwise, the heat exchanger has a lifetime warranty and all other parts are covered with a 10-year warranty.

User Rating: (3/5)

A decade ago, Goodman’s reputation for reliability wasn’t very good.  They overhauled their entire product lineup and started using higher-quality parts.  They have worked to improve their products and assure potential customers by backing each furnace with one of the best warranties of any brand furnace.  The service record for current models is excellent and with time the overall brand rating should improve significantly.

Overall Rating: (4/5)

This is Goodman’s best furnace and offers a more affordable version of the Carrier Infinity or the American Standard Platinum line, with just a small step back in quality. In warmer climates, an 80% or 90% AFUE furnace might be more cost-effective.  However, if you start using your furnace in the fall and it runs into the spring, or if you are committed to Energy Star products in order to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, this is a furnace to consider.  It will reduce energy costs as well as keep your home very comfortable.

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