How Much Can a 95% Efficient Furnace Save Me Over an 80% Efficient Furnace?

Homeowners are very concerned about rising prices for natural gas and the impact it can have on their heating bills this winter. If you are shopping for a furnace and debating the merits of an 80% or 95% efficient furnace, this guide will help you make up your mind.

Energy Savings with a 95% Furnace Vs. an 80% Furnace

You’ll use about 15% less energy with a 95% efficient gas furnace than you will with an 80% gas furnace. That is what the numbers mean, of course. A 95% AFUE (annualized fuel utilization efficiency) furnace will convert 95% of the fuel it burns into heat for your home while 5% of the heat will be lost in the exhaust gases. High-efficiency gas furnaces use a secondary heat exchanger to capture more heat before it is vented.

An 80% efficient furnace converts 80% of the fuel into heat while 20% is wasted. You can see how that will contribute to higher energy bills. Many homeowners find that amount of waste – and that much extra carbon emissions – to be distasteful. It’s not just the desire for lower energy bills that is driving the demand for efficient furnaces. It is the also the desire for more ecofriendly products.

Now, you’ll have to do the math to figure out how much lower your energy bills will be with a 95% efficient furnace. Review your energy use from last year. If you are replacing a 70% gas furnace, you’ll use 10% less with an 80% furnace and about 25% less with a 95% furnace. Multiply your gas savings by the current cost of natural gas or propane and you’ll get a very good idea of what your savings will be.

Deciding if a 95% Gas Furnace is Cost Effective

You will pay 15% to 25% more for a 95% efficient furnace, depending on the model. The more features it has like a 2-stage or modulating gas valve and a variable-speed blower, the more it will cost. Some 80% furnaces have 2-stage and variable-speed performance too. It will help to know prices for the exact models and sizes you are considering.

Divide the extra cost of the 95% furnace by the amount of money you expect to save per year. For example, if you will save $150 per year and the 95% furnace costs $600 more, it will take you approximately 4 years of lower bills to make up the difference. This is called the “payback” period.

In cold climates, the payback period is always shorter than in warm climates.

Now, consider how long you intend to stay in your current home. The longer you intend to live there, the more it makes sense to choose the more efficient gas furnace. Here’s another incentive: Many gas companies are offering credits and rebates for Energy Star gas furnaces. See what you utility company is offering and how that will affect the finances of the deal.

Top Rated 80% Downflow Gas Furnace

The Goodman GDH8 80% Twin Comfort is the top-rated downflow gas furnace on the market. There is plenty to like about this furnace including its performance, quality, warranty and price. Here is a look at each of these reasons this is the best 80% downflow furnace on the market.

Goodman GDH8 80% Twin Comfort Performance

Most 80% efficient gas furnaces are single-stage models. With the flip of a switch, the installer can turn this furnace into a 2-stage model. That’s the idea behind the “Twin Comfort” in the name. The furnace will run at low capacity most of the time. At 65%, it heats more gently. The longer, gentle cycles create much better temperature balance than a single-stage furnace can. You won’t notice temperature swings and the rooms of your home will feel more evenly heated. The furnace is equipped with a multiple-speed fan that starts and stops more quietly and won’t push cold air into your home at the start of a cycle.

Goodman GDH8 80% Twin Comfort Quality

Goodman has always been known as a value brand. In the early years, low prices came at the expense of higher quality. That has changed. The Goodman Company has doubled down on efforts to produce quality furnaces at affordable prices. Goodman now has a top-10 service record in the industry, not far behind brands like Carrier, Trane, Bryant, American Standard, Rheem and Heil. This furnace should serve you very durably for up to 20 years and possibly more when it is maintained properly.

Goodman GDH8 80% Twin Comfort Warranty

Most top brands offer a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and so does Goodman. However, Goodman goes a step further. If the heat exchanger fails in the first 10 years, Goodman will replace the entire furnace. That gives homeowners confidence to install Goodman products like this one. All other parts are backed by a 10-year warranty that is the same length as the Carrier Infinity and Bryant Evolution lines.

Goodman GDH8 80% Twin Comfort Price

Even though Goodman does very well in the categories outlined above, it truly shines when it comes to price. From top to bottom, the Goodman gas furnace product lineup is priced to sell. Here are current gas furnace prices for this model.

32,000 BTU Goodman GDH8 gas furnace: $650

48,000 BTU Goodman GDH8 gas furnace: $730

64,000 BTU Goodman GDH8 gas furnace: $790

80,000 BTU Goodman GDH8 gas furnace: $880

96,000 BTU Goodman GDH8 gas furnace: $980

112,000 BTU Goodman GDH8 gas furnace: $1,040

Take a look at our gas furnace ratings posts to compare prices of this Goodman furnace with those from most other brands. You’ll see a dramatic price difference which makes Goodman gas furnaces like this one an outstanding value.

If you are in the market for a downflow gas furnace with 80% efficiency, the Goodman GDH8 gas furnace is a great place to start looking.

Why are Bryant Furnaces Expensive?

Bryant gas furnaces are more expensive than most and this post explains the reasons for that. Other expensive brands include Carrier, Trane, American Standard and Lennox. They are all expensive for much the same reasons.

Bryant Gas Furnace Quality is Outstanding

In the HVAC industry like most others, you get what you pay for. There are brands that focus on the top of the market, the middle of the market and the low end. Bryant makes gas furnaces for the upper end of the market, all with excellent quality and all backed by very good warranties. Bryant offers 3 series of gas furnaces: The top of the line Bryant Evolution System, the Bryant Preferred Series and the Bryant Legacy Line. All of them get very good ratings in their class. Bryant has one of the best service records in the industry, verifying that its quality is superior to most other brands.

Bryant Gas Furnaces Offer High Performance

The top of the line models are modulating and two-stage gas furnaces that produce superior climate control. The Bryant Evolution Plus 987m with 98.3% efficiency is a modulating gas furnace and one of the top-10 rated furnaces in the industry by consumers. It offers unsurpassed indoor comfort. The Bryant gas furnace lineup features many others with comfortable 2-stage heating.

High efficiency is found throughout the lineup. Gas furnaces that deliver 90% or higher efficiency are equipped with a secondary heat exchanger that captures more heat, and this makes them more expensive. Even the Bryant Legacy Line has 3 Energy Star rated furnaces with 92% efficiency or higher. You pay more for an efficient furnace, but in colder climates, the lower utility bills they produce pay you back very quickly.

Bryant Gas Furnaces Have a Great Reputation

Yes, you are paying something of a premium for the Bryant name plate. However, keep in mind that the reputation is supported by a very good product lineup that has a lot to offer. Here’s a look at that product lineup to give you an idea of its efficiency level and performance:

Bryant Evolution Gas Furnaces: The first one is modulating; all the others are 2-stage furnaces.   Evolution Plus 987m (98.3%), Evolution Plus 90i (96.6%), Evolution Plus 96t (96.5%), Evolution Plus 95s (95%), and Evolution Plus 80v (80%).

Bryant Preferred Gas Furnaces: Both two-stage and single-stage models make up the Preferred Series. They are the Preferred Plus 95i (95%), Preferred 95t (96.2%), Preferred 95s (96.2%), Preferred 95 (95%), Preferred Plus 90t (93%), Preferred Plus 90x (93%), and Preferred 80t (80%).

Bryant Legacy Gas Furnaces: These are more affordable, single-stage gas furnaces. Some have outstanding efficiency. The models are the Legacy Plus 90 (95.5%), Legacy 95 (95%), Legacy 90 (92%), Legacy Plus 80 (80%) and Legacy 80 (80%).

If you are looking for a top-quality gas furnace that will last you 20+ years, Bryant is a good place to start your search. They are more expensive than most, but they deliver more than most too.

Top 5 Rated Gas Furnaces

There are many outstanding gas furnaces, but these are the best. Here are the top 5 furnaces with the features that make them great.

1. Lennox Signature Series SLP98V Gas Furnace

This furnace slashes heating bills while making your home extremely comfortable. The key is the modulating gas valve with capacity from 40% to 100%. It runs very low most of the time to never waste energy heating your home beyond what the thermostat calls for. The long, gentle cycles in combination with the variable-speed blower create precise temperature control and balance throughout your home. With 98.7% efficiency, you might see a 30% drop in heating costs when this unit replaces on old gas furnace.

2. Carrier Infinity 98 Modulating Furnace with Greenspeed Intelligence

Carrier’s first modulating furnace is a winner. It offers 98.5% efficiency and can match the Lennox SLP98V in delivering precise comfort. Also known as the Carrier Infinity 59MN7 gas furnace, it is a bit more expensive than the Lennox. Consumers give it high marks for indoor comfort and quiet operation.  The Carrier Infinity controller is the highest-rated in the industry with touchscreen programming and Wi-Fi capability.

3. American Standard Platinum ZV Gas Furnace

This furnace offers an Energy Star qualified 95% efficiency through the use of 2 separate heat exchangers used to capture as much heat as possible. The modulating gas valve and the variable-speed blower team up to make any home very comfortable. Consumers love the Comfort-R feature that also helps lower humidity when an air conditioning cycle is running in warm months.

4. Heil QuietComfort VC 97 Gas Furnace

Heil has made significant upgrades to their lineup in the last few years and consumers have definitely noticed. This 97% efficient furnace delivers climate control that rivals the models rated above it, and it does it at a more affordable price. If you are in the market for a modulating furnace, this is one of the best deals you’ll find.

5. Ruud Ultra Series RGFG Gas Furnace

Perhaps Ruud got tired of being overlooked in favor of more recognized brands, but this furnace is grabbing attention. It delivers modulating heat along with a variable-speed blower to enhance temperature control, quiet performance, air filtration and humidity control in all seasons. The Energy Star 95% efficiency will help control utility bills and lower energy use throughout the heating seasons.

There are quite a few modulating furnaces on the market, but these are the best. They are also quite expensive. In cold climates, if you want the high efficiency at a lower price, check out 2-stage or even single-stage models in the 92% to 95% efficiency range from the same brands. In warm climates where high efficiency isn’t as important, see the quality 80% and 90% models from these top manufacturers.

Browse all of our gas furnace ratings articles to gather more information about the brands and models you are considering. They are a great source of information and allow you to compare models head to head.

#1 Overall Rated Furnace Brand

There are many excellent furnace brands, but the top rated gas furnace brand of them all is Lennox. In this overview of the Lennox gas furnace lineup, we’ll point out why it is the top rated gas furnace brand.

The Lennox Gas Furnace Collection

One thing Lennox has going for it is that it covers the bases very well. There are furnaces for those who want very high efficiency and those who want a standard model for a warm climate or for the lower cost. Lennox makes furnaces to meet all climate control requirements including modulating, 2-stage and single-stage models.

Dave Lennox Signature Series Gas Furnaces: The 2 stars of this lineup are modulating gas furnaces, the Lennox SLP98V gas furnace that delivers 98.7% efficiency and the Lennox SL280V gas furnace. With modulating gas valves delivering precise amounts of heat, your indoor temperature will remain balanced, with no noticeable swings. This also helps eliminate hot/cold zones because the cycles run long, with gentle heating that allows every zone in your home to heat equally.

Lennox Elite Series Gas Furnaces: These models offer a good mix of 2-stage and single-stage models and all efficiency levels. Four of them are Energy Star rated with 95% efficiency. The Lennox Elite G61 gas furnace is a 2-stage, 95% furnace with a variable-speed blower. It’s a model that could be the top of the line from many other brands.

Lennox Merit Series Gas Furnaces: These are affordable single-stage gas furnaces, with 2 Energy Star choices that show Lennox’s commitment to high efficiency throughout its lineup.

Energy Efficiency in Lennox Gas Furnaces

From top to bottom, Lennox is the most energy-efficient collection of gas furnaces on the market. The company has further demonstrated its efforts to lower energy use by developing the SunSource solar modules that can be used to provide electricity to power your entire heating and cooling system. Lennox is responding to a demand for high efficiency and more environmentally-friendly heating and cooling.

Lennox Gas Furnace Durability

Lennox has one of the top service records in the industry. They demonstrate very good reliability and require fewer repairs than most. Other brands with very good service records include Trane, American Standard, Carrier, Bryant and Rheem.

Lennox Gas Furnace Ratings

Take a few minutes to browse all of our gas furnace ratings posts. You’ll find quite a few for Lennox gas furnace models and we are adding new ratings posts on a regular basis. The ratings are a great way to compare brands and models you might be considering.

If you’re looking for the top-rated gas furnaces in the industry, your search should start with Lennox!

Trane Gas Furnace Ratings

Trane furnaces feature high quality and great dependability. Prices are higher than average, but consumers give Trane high ratings for climate control and reliability.

This Trane gas furnace buying guide introduces to the models in the lineup. It will help you decide which models you want to learn more about. For comparison, see similar pages on furnaces from American Standard, Lennox, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem and Bryant.

Overview of Trane Gas Furnace Models

Trane furnaces aren’t as easy to categorize as those from other brands, but here they are.

Trane XC Gas Furnaces: These top of the line furnaces include communicating technology that coordinates all HVAC components. The result is higher efficiency and greater indoor comfort. The XCm95 (95%) is a modulating gas furnace and the XC80 (80%) is a 2-stage furnace. Both are equipped with variable-speed fans. They offer superior climate control to single-stage furnaces.

Trane XV Gas Furnaces: Variable-speed, 2-stage furnaces are what you get here. These produce outstanding climate control in any home. The XV furnaces are the XV95 (96.7%) and the XV80 (80%).

Trane XL Gas Furnaces: This third-best line is on par with the top of the line models from some brands. It uses a 2-stage gas valve for superior comfort along with a 4-speed fan that enhances the comfort of your home, reducing blasts of cold air at the beginning of a heating cycle. The models are the XL95 (96%) and the XL80 (80%).

Trane XT Gas Furnaces: These single-stage furnaces are offered in 2 models, one of them Energy Star qualified. It gives you the chance to lower your energy bills at a lower price than you’d pay for a 2-stage furnace . The models in the XT Series are the Trane XT95 (95%) and the XT80 (80%).

Trane XR Gas Furnaces: These single-stage furnaces have a 4-speed fan which is more comfortable than a single-speed fan. The models are the Energy Star XR95 (95%) and the XR80 (80%).

Trane XB90 Gas Furnaces: These are value-oriented models that offer pretty good quality and lower prices. They make good sense when lower cost is the priority in your purchase. The 2 single-stage models are the XB90 (90%) and the XB80 (80%).

Pros and Cons of Trane Gas Furnaces

The advantages of the Trane lineup start with options. You’ve got a lot of choice regarding efficiency, performance and price.  Trane has a top-5 service record, especially in its better furnace lines, so you can be confident you’re getting a quality furnace that should last 20 years or more. The XR and XB furnaces offer very competitive pricing in furnaces that show very decent quality. Trane doesn’t make any lines that would be considered sub-par or junk.

There are few negatives to Trane gas furnaces, though the top models are pricey. In fact, the lineup from top to bottom is more expensive than all but a few brands such as Carrier, Lennox and American Standard. The reason for the higher prices is part reputation and part the superior quality and durability Trane provides.


With Trane, you’ve got a lot of options. If you want a high-end modulating furnace for the lowest possible energy use and cost while enjoying outstanding indoor comfort, you have it. For more affordable options, the rest of the line might have what you want.

Our individual gas furnace ratings will have more details on many of these models. Whichever furnace you decide to install, get multiple estimates and choose a qualified contractor that you are confident will do the job correctly. The quality of the installation plays a major role in how well a furnace performs and how long it lasts.

For great options for all budgets, take a closer look at the Trane gas furnaces product lineup.

Lennox Gas Furnace Ratings

Lennox furnaces offer high quality and great performance, but at higher than average prices. The Dave Lennox Signature Series is on par with Carrier Infinity, American Standard Platinum and Trane XC furnaces for quality and reliability.

This Lennox gas furnace buying guide will help you decide if Lennox is the right brand for your home. See our Lennox gas furnace ratings posts for more detail on many of these models.

Overview of Lennox Gas Furnace Models

Lennox, like most of the top brands, makes 3 distinct series. Here’s a look at each one and what it offers.

Dave Lennox Signature Series Gas Furnaces: These furnaces are built for home comfort and durability. The Lennox SLP98V is a modulating furnace. This means that the gas valve runs at variable capacity between 40% and 100% to deliver precise heat levels to keep temperature in your home from noticeable fluctuations.

In comparison, single-stage furnaces run at 100% capacity all the time. Two-stage furnaces run on low capacity, or about 65% capacity, most of the time and 100% capacity when a boost in heat is required. The Lennox SLP98V has an efficiency rating of 98.2%, one of the best available.

The other Lennox Signature Series gas furnace is an 80% efficient model that offers 2-stage heating. It’s the Lennox SL280V, and it is a great choice in warm climates when excellent climate control is important.

Lennox Elite Gas Furnaces: The second-best line of furnaces from Lennox offers efficiency and performance options. The 2-stage models are the Elite G61V (95%), the G61 (95%) and the Elite G60 (80%). The single-stage Lennox Elite furnaces are the Elite EL195E (95%), the Elite EL195 (95%) and the Elite G50 (80%).

Lennox Merit Gas Furnaces: This is the most affordable line from Lennox. Merit Series furnaces are chosen when saving money on the equipment is the highest priority. They are popular in mild climates and part-time use installations where the furnace doesn’t have to be a work horse. The options include the Energy Star rated Merit ML195 (95%) and the Merit ML193 (93%), along with the standard-efficiency ML180E (80%) and the ML180 (80%).

Pros and Cons of Lennox Gas Furnaces

Lennox offers options for the complete spectrum of consumers.  If you want a high-performance, very efficient furnace, Lennox has it. If you want  a basic furnace with decent quality, Lennox has that too. In between, the Lennox lineup has a range of furnaces with the efficiency and performance you want.

As with all of the best brands in the industry, the top line features higher prices than most. You’ll pay a premium for the higher quality and also something for the reputation of the brand. However, since Lennox has one of the best service records in the industry, you can be confident you’re choosing a brand that offers outstanding reliability and longevity.


If you want the best furnace on the market, check out the Lennox Signature Series. For the right combination of quality and price, see the Elite Series which are top sellers and the Merit Series. For details on many of the models, take a look at our gas furnace ratings.

Whichever furnace you choose, be sure to get multiple estimates to find the lowest prices in your area. Along with low prices, choose a qualified contractor that you believe will do the job right the first time. Select a furnace company with crews that are well-trained and experienced. The quality of the installation can affect the performance and durability of the furnace.

Lennox is one of the industry’s premier brands. It has a range of furnaces to meet any need. Take time to read ratings and review posts to find the furnace that fits your purposes.

Goodman Gas Furnace Ratings

Goodman blends good quality with low prices and great warranties, a combination popular with furnace buyers. In recent years, Goodman has overhauled its product lineup to vastly improve the quality and it now has a service record in the top half of all brands.

This Goodman gas furnace buying guide is an introduction to these furnaces that you can use to decide to learn more, or to pursue a different brand.

Overview of Goodman Gas Furnace Models

Goodman has not introduced a modulating gas furnace like Carrier, Bryant, Lennox, Maytag, Rheem and a few others. However, it’s top of the line communicating furnaces offer high efficiency and very good climate control.

Goodman High Efficiency Gas Furnaces: These furnaces are all 90% efficient or above. The first 3 are 2-stage models while the rest are single-stage gas furnaces. Here are these Energy Star rated models with their efficiency rating: Goodman GMVC95 (95%), Goodman GCVC95/9 (93%), Goodman GMH95 (95%), Goodman GCH95/9 (95%), Goodman GKS9 (92.1%). 

Goodman Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces: All of these are 80% efficient models and are suitable for warmer climates or for installation where they won’t get heavy use (cabin, guest apartment or workshop). The first model is a 2-stage furnace and the rest are single stage. They are the Goodman GMVC8, Goodman GME8, Goodman GMH8/GDH8, Goodman GMS8, GDS8, and the Goodman GHS8.

The top high-efficiency and standard-efficiency Goodman models come with a heat exchanger warranty that features a 10-year furnace replacement warranty. If the heat exchanger fails in the first 10 years, Goodman will replace the entire furnace. Beyond the first 10 years, the heat exchanger is warrantied for life.

Pros and Cons of Goodman Gas Furnaces

Excellent value is the top reason many homeowners choose a Goodman furnace. They offer good quality along with low prices and unsurpassed warranties. Goodman quality is significantly better than it was 10 years ago, though it’s not quite on par with top gas furnaces from Lennox, Trane, Carrier, Bryant, Rheem or American Standard. Goodman prices are as much as 30% less than those brands.

A good range of furnaces is offered, so you’ll be able to choose one that is appropriate for your climate and gives you the heating performance you want for your home.


See our long list of gas furnace ratings for more details on specific Goodman models. We include gas furnace prices in all ratings posts, so you’ll have the data you need to make an informed decision. For low prices and good quality – which translates into value – Goodman gas furnaces are tough to beat.

Carrier Gas Furnace Ratings

Carrier furnaces are among the best for quality and reliability. They also cost more than most. Consumers give them high marks, and the vast majority would choose Carrier again. The top of the line Carrier Infinity Series is right near the top with Dave Lennox Signature, American Standard Platinum, Trane XC and Rheem Prestige furnaces.

This Carrier gas furnace buying guide will help you decide which furnace might be right for you. It also offers an easy way to compare Carrier with other brands we’ve done pages like this for. They include Trane, Rheem, American Standard, Lennox, Goodman and Carrier’s sister brand Bryant. See individual Carrier gas furnace ratings for more details on many of these models.

Overview of Carrier Gas Furnace Models

The top line from Carrier is the Infinity Series followed by the Performance, Comfort and Base Series. Here’s what each one offers.

Carrier Infinity Series Gas Furnaces: Carriers best furnace is the Carrier Infinity 98 Modulating gas furnace with Greenspeed Intelligence. This modulating, 98.5% efficient furnace is also known as the Infinity 59MN7 and offers very precise climate control. With it, you won’t notice temperature fluctuations in your home at all. With a variable-speed fan it optimizes indoor comfort all year. Compare it with furnaces like the Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V, the Maytag PGC2MQ iQ Drive M1200, the American Standard Platinum ZV and other modulating models. The Infinity ICS 58MVB is also modulating and delivers 95% efficiency.

The rest of the Infinity models are 2-stage furnaces: Infinity 96 59TN6 (96.6%), Infinity 96 58MVB (96.6%) and the Infinity 80 58CVA (80%).

Carrier Performance Series Gas Furnaces: This series offers mostly single-stage models, though the first one is a 2-stage furnace. They are the Performance 96 59TP5 (96.7%),Performance 96 58UVB (95%), Performance 95 58HDV (95%), Performance 93 58MTB (93%), Performance Boost 90 58MEB and MEC (95%), Performance Boost 80 58PHA and 58 PHX (80%) and Performance 80 58CTA and 58CTX (80%).

Carrier Comfort Series Gas Furnaces: These affordable single-stage furnaces offer a blend of standard efficiency and higher-efficiency to meet the needs of differing climates. The models are the Comfort 95 59SC5 (95%), Comfort 95 58HDX (95%), Comfort 92 59SC2 (92%), Comfort 92 58MXB (92%) and the Comfort 80 58DLA and 58 DLX (80%).

Carrier Base Gas Furnaces: These are low-cost alternatives to Carrier’s top furnaces, but they are not junk. They are well-built and come with a 10-year parts warranty to go with a 20-year heat exchanger warranty. The models are the Base 90 58MCB (92%) and the Base 80 58STA and 58 STX (80%).

Pros and Cons of Carrier Gas Furnaces

Carrier has covered all the bases very well. There are models to fit every climate, budget and desired level of climate control. The quality of the furnaces is excellent from top of the line on down and they are backed by very good warranties.

There are few complaints about Carrier furnaces. They rank in the top 3 for service records. With consistent maintenance, most last 20+ years. You pay more for Carrier products than you do for most other brands, and that sends some potential customers to other brands. It’s true – you might pay something of a premium for a Carrier furnace, but more durability and longevity make up for it in the end.


Carrier furnaces are among the best. You’ll pay more across the product lineup than for comparable models, so take into consideration your long-term plans. If you want a furnace you can rely on for many years, Carrier is worth it. If you want to save money on equipment but still get a decent furnace, consider brands like Goodman, Amana, Armstrong, Heil, York or Aire-Flo.

American Standard Gas Furnace Ratings

American Standard furnaces show good quality and reliability. They are expensive as a result, but if you want a furnace to last 20+ years, they are worth a look. This sister-brand of Trane has one of the best service records in the HVAC industry.

This American Standard furnace buying guide allows you to compare this brand with other top brands like Carrier, Lennox, Rheem and yes, Trane. See our individual American Standard gas furnace ratings for more details on many of these models.

Overview of American Standard Gas Furnace Models

The 3 series of American Standard furnaces are the Platinum, Gold and Silver series. Here’s what each series offers.

American Standard Platinum Gas Furnaces: This line competes with Carrier Infinity, Dave Lennox Signature, Rheem Prestige and other top lines. The best furnace is the Platinum ZV, a modulating furnace that runs at capacity from 40% to 100% to deliver the exact amount of heating needed to keep temperatures in the home balanced and comfortable. It offers Energy Star rated 95% efficiency. The Platinum SV is an 80% AFUE furnace with a variable-speed blower, ideal for warmer climates where 2-stage climate control is desired.

American Standard Gold Gas Furnaces: This is the largest series, with 5 different furnaces offering a mix of performance and efficiency. The 2-stage models are the Gold XI (95%), Gold XM (93%), the Gold SV (80%) and the Gold SM (80%). Single-stage models are the very efficient Gold ZM (96.7%) and the Gold XI (80%).

American Standard Silver Gas Furnaces: Designed for affordability, you can still expect 15-20 years of quality service from these models. They are single-stage gas furnaces with average to good efficiency levels. The models are the Energy Star Silver ZI (95%), the Silver SI 90 (90%), the Silver SI (80%), Silver SI+ (80%), and the Silver XI (80%).

Pros and Cons of American Standard Gas Furnaces

Many people choose American Standard for the high level of quality the furnaces have. The brand has an excellent service record. The furnaces are reliable and long-lasting.

Secondly, the efficiency levels in the top models are a good choice for those who want to contain energy costs as well as be more environmentally friendly in the way their homes operate.

Finally, though most won’t purchase a modulating furnace, the Platinum ZV offers outstanding indoor comfort. The 2-stage models do a good job as well.

If there’s a drawback to the product lineup, it is that it is expensive. Along with the quality and the performance come higher costs. However, the furnaces are priced competitively with other top brands, though more costly than brands such as Goodman, Aire-Flo, Payne, York and Coleman.


American Standard Platinum HVAC equipment includes furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners as well as air quality products. The line is one of the highest rated in the industry. Gold and Silver products are more affordable without a large drop in quality. Take a look at individual gas furnace ratings of the models listed here to find a starting point for building the right heating, cooling and air quality system for your home.